Targeting Mobile Devices using Google Adwords Ad Extention To Increase Conversions

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Google Local SEO

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Targeting Mobile Phone Users Using Google PPC Mobile Marketing

The below image is a screen shot of one of our clients mobile Google Marketing campaigns. Using Google’s call ad extension we can dramatically improve the conversion rates and more importantly phone calls. When you enroll in our Google maps marketing program you will get higher positioning in both Google PPC ads and Google’s organic search results or local search results. This client Kincaide Construction, is a Detroit dumpster rental company that has two websites that are #1 position on Google Mobile and #1 organically which is and If you look closely you will notice the  is even above Google Places! The benefit to this whether the client is searching on their smart phone or on a desktop computer, Kincaide Construction can be found on all devices. If you would like to learn more about how we can get you more leads visit Google maps marketing.

google mobile marketing

Will Google Mobile Marketing Work For My Business?

Now more then ever the importance of Google Marketing is increasingly vital to your businesses success online. When I speak to clients I notice the words “pay per click” or “PPC” tend to leave a bad taste in their mouths. Maybe this is best suited for another post in itself, but the bottom line is small business owners have been taken advantage of. If you are one of the small business owners reading this you may have been told to give a big advertising budget without knowing what amount goes to Google and what amount goes to the online advertising company. Simply put you don’t know if the advertising company is taking 10% or 60%. The second issue is most people in the Google Marketing business know more about selling rather then creating an effective Google Mobile Marketing campaign. The fact of the matter is if done correctly Google mobile marketing and even Google Adwords can increase your sales drastically. Much if not all of our business comes from referrals if you feel you need more proof then see our Get Local Results page.

*The client used as in this example is a current client with Get Local, if you are a local business in Michigan and would like to see more local business in your area getting higher rankings on Google then visit Michigan Internet Marketing to learn more.

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