Get Local Welcomes Fatemi Family Dentistry

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Created by : Darrel Chavez - Published on Feb 11, 2013
Get Local Welcomes Fatemi Family Dentistry

Gaithersburg Dentist Decides To Do Away With Value Pak and Start Google Maps Marketing

We are very happy to be working with Dr. Fatemi. It’s always a great compliment and pleasure to be working with a client that was referred to us. It’s a constant reminder always deliver real results to keep our current and new clients happy. Dr. Fatemi isĀ  a Gaithersburg dentist in Maryland specializing in cosmetic, family and sedation dentistry. Within just a couple months Dr. Fatemi has seen results and now we will begin marketing in Lexington Park, MD.

Local Internet Marketing VS Print Advertising

“When business slowed, I would talk to my other colleagues about their business and they would tell me their business has picked up dramatically. When I ask them what they are doing they say Google Maps Marketing,” said Dr. Fatemi.

When it comes to phone books and mailers like Val Pak, Dr. Fatemi was not seeing a big return on his investment. He knew he had to get his dental office on the internet and that’s when one of our other dentist referred us to him, the rest is history. If you are a dentist who would like to learn more about Google maps marketing or local seo please visit dentist seo marketing.