Increase Your Rankings With A Cartoon Video

Google just unleashed their newest algorithm change and one of the biggest things to worry about is your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is how likely customer click the back button on your website. If you have a high bounce rate you are in trouble. Any bounce rate of 40% or more is not good. That means almost half your visitors are immediately clicking the back button because you haven’t engaged them. If google’s new Panda update notices many people clicking on your website and leaving fast your rankings will drop. So if your ranking #1 for your keywords that is awesome but how do you plan to keep them there and keep your current rankings?

We have good news. We have partnered with Explain It Videos to bring your a solution. Cartoon videos for SEO companies is a growing trend being incorporated in all online marketing strategies. You have probably seen it before a cute little character who has a problem and the end of the video it’s your company fixing the problem. It would be surprising if your video didn’t help increase your sales but let’s say it didn’t. At least you were able to keep your visitor on your website for about a minute. You would be surprised how many visitors leave your site after just 10 seconds. Take a look at your analytics and you will see what I am talking about. So the future of your seo plan better include providing cartoon explainer videos for you clients. At the very least you should have one for your own business.

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Darrel Chavez

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