Billing & Payments
Set up fee is due to Get Local upon signup. If no set up fee is needed the first monthly payment is due upon sign up. This agreement commences on the date it is signed by you and monthly billing begins. Monthly payment fees are automatically billed by Get Local and auto renew every month thereafter. Set up fee is non refundable.

Cancellations & Refund Policy
You may terminate the Get Local Marketing Package with thirty (30) days prior written notice by fax, letter or email. There no refunds once agreement begins.

Guarantee and Warranty
Due to search engines periodically changing their algorithms, Get Local cannot guarantee which search engine results page and or ranking position your business will appear in and for how long your website will be appear on the 1st page results of the search engines.


Client reserves the right to terminate any agreement with 30 day notice in which case Get Local reserves the right to terminate any agreement without penalty and deliver current work to client, with all invoices for work to date then due and payable immediately. There is no early cancellation fee, client pays only for work done at time of cancellation.


Ownership of concepts, logos, web design, landing pages, domains, websites, seo marketing techniques belong to Get Local. Disclosed proprietary methods of seo optimization cannot be copied without prior exclusive written consent of Get Local.

Late Charges

If payment is not received on the date due all internet marketing will stop. There are no late fees.

Client Disclosure

Client agrees to inform Get Local, in writing, of any internet marketing campaigns past or present prior to submitting their application. Client failure to disclose such information can compromise service. Client agrees to contact, Get Local first prior to executing any internet marketing campaigns post application which may interrupt service. Client agrees to contact Get Local, in writing, when their is a change in company information, such as change of name, address, phone number and or web site address.


All correspondences sent by mail must be sent as delivery receipt requested. Please store your delivered receipts for your records. Please maintain all fax delivery confirmation receipts.

Billing Instrument

Client can change their method of payment by calling 714-404-8025. Client understands that the original signature of the original application gives Get Local the right to bill any method of payment provided by client.

Domain Registration

Get Local incurs all expense for a single domain or multiple domains. Domain name may be registered and hosted with a template based website. The domain name may be similar to the clients existing domain name and used in accordance the terms of service. Registered domain names are non-transferable and owned by Get Local.


Client agrees to be an active participant in their local internet marketing campaign and agrees to respond to Get Local Maps requests in a timely manner.