3 Easy Steps To Start Your Appliance Repair Business

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Created by : Darrel Chavez - Published on Jan 27, 2016
3 Easy Steps To Start Your Appliance Repair Business

Appliance Repair Marketing 101

After you have done all your training and you have your truck it’s time to start getting appliance repair leads. So who am I? (pic of me and the family), and why should you waste your time listening to me? I don’t own any appliance repair business but I do work with hundreds of clients all over the country. I have only grown my business from word of mouth. Referrals, I take care of my clients and they take care of me referring new ones. I have helped the one man shows and the large mr appliance franchises. I have ranked hundreds of websites top 3 in google for thousands of keywords in hundreds of cities.¬† So, here are 3 easy steps to starting your appliance repair company assuming you already know how to repair appliances.

  • Get a Website – You can make one yourself or have someone design one for you. If you want to save money you can go to a website called weebly.com. It’s easy click and drag type of a website builder. Here are a couple tips to designing your appliance repair website. First thing is to have “calls to action” that means have coupons, savings posted on site. Have your phone number in a easy to find spot. (tip) Don’t over do it! I know it’s tempting but please dont blast a bunch of your keywords at the bottom of your site. It looks ugly and it’s an old tactic that no longer works. Don’t just make a simple 1-5 page website. You need to make at least 20 pages. Create a page for each city you service. A page for each brand you service. Make sure you write all your own content. You can make this website yourself or have Get Local make a appliance repair web design for you.


  • Market Your Website – In order to get appliance repair leads from the internet you need to rank your website top 3 positions (not bottom of page one and not page 2, top 3 only). Your website needs to appear whenever someone is searching for appliance repair in your city. Sure you can submit a free listing to google my business. You can add all your business to many free online directories but all your doing is wasting your time. Don’t get me wrong you do need these things to start out but If you expect to have your phone ringing from simply adding your business to google and directories you are mistaken. (I would like to add any company offering seo marketing for $100-$200 a month your probably getting just that, but they make it sound like your getting more) Whether you are in a large metro such as New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami or smaller cities like Encinitas, Temecula, your going to need SEO. SEO (search engine optimization or local seo) is not hard. You just need to do the right type of seo. The key is doing the right type of link building that will build trust with Google.


  • The three steps kinda got away from me so maybe this is more like 2 steps. Since I am getting too many clients right now for the first time I will show you how you can do it yourself. I will tell you exactly how to do this, I will layout exactly step by step how I have done this for every client I currently have. Call me at 714-404-8025 and I will explain exactly how I have ranked all my appliance repair websites every time for a one time consultation fee. I will train you over the phone and send you all the resources you need. You will have access to me for 1 full month via phone and email. This will save you thousands of dollars each year. You can use this training for your in house marketing employee or yourself. If you wanted to you could even start your own seo company. If you don’t want to do this marketing yourself that’s fine you can call me and I can do it for you for a flat monthly fee.

What to expect for results

If your marketing in smaller cities once your websites ranks top 3 expect to book or schedule 3-8 jobs a week. For a larger city like San Diego¬† or Los Angeles expect 10-30 jobs a week. Here’s the math or break down using a smaller city as an example. Your profit might be $150 for one job. 5 jobs a week X $150 = $750. $750 X 4 weeks = $3,000 a month. $3,000 a month might not seem like a lot but that’s just one city. What if you ranked in 5 cities top 3? That would be $15,000 a month! Call me today at 714-404-8025 and I will explain how this is possible and show you how I do this now for every one of my clients.

If you don’t’ have the time and it’s too much work

Don’t worry Get Local has many solutions. We suggest doing it yourself only because no one is going to spend as much hours or care as much as you about your business. If that’s not an option we do offer appliance repair marketing services. If you just want to pay per lead we can offer that too. Our program is simple and straight forward. We build you a website, we market the website for free and you only pay per scheduled appointment.


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