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Created by : Darrel Chavez - Published on Sep 05, 2012
Mobile Marketing SEO On Google

In 2013 Mobile Marketing SEO Will Become a Service You Must Have

Recent studies have shown not just on Facebook are we seeing an increase in mobile users but on Google too. If you currently have a PPC marketing campaign you may have noticed the increase of mobile users within your Google Adwords as well. In 2013 many researches believe more people will be browsing search engines using the mobile phones then desktop or laptop computers. In most families there is a phone for every family member and even if there are computers in the household people now are more likely to browse for something on their tablet or mobile device because of convenience. I have a desktop and a laptop and when I’m on the couch and I need to browse online I just reach in my pocket and grab my phone. A little off topic but I remember a day when you had to go to a friends house or library to use a computer for a home work assignment and now we have mini computer that fit in our pockets, amazing. If your still thinking…So why do I need mobile marketing for my business then read on.

Google Places on Mobile Phones

With more and more people turning to mobile phones to browse for a local service in their city the importance of being found on Google Places is at an all time high. In order to get your business found on the first page of Google on mobile devices you need Google Maps Marketing.


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