How To Get A Bad Yelp Review Removed

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Created by : Darrel Chavez - Published on Aug 27, 2014
How To Get A Bad Yelp Review Removed

Bad Review Damaging Your Business or Reputation?

bad yelp review

Think you can get a negative yelp review removed think again and don’t bother asking them to remove your yelp listing because they wont. Maybe you want to join there extortion club and pay a monthly extortion fee to get positive reviews to start sticking. Even paying for yep reviews none of these tactics will work. You can’t remove a bad yelp review and you cant remove your listing but I do have a way to get your bad yelp removes out of plain sight.

I have had huge success getting my clients 1st page rankings, even the #1 spot for years. So I figured why not offer a new service and do the reverse? Why not offer a service where if you type in your business name on Google instead of the negative review being the first thing you see, how about that negative review appears back on page 2, 3 or 4?

If your business is hurting because the first thing anyone sees when searching for you is a negative review I can help. The key to making your bad review disappear is to drive it back to the 2nd, 3rd page or more pages back. This is done with creating micro review sites with high authority to out rank yelps profile. Instead of seeing your bad reputation or false review they see many different websites with nothing but glowing reviews and only you can control what reviews can be posted. To start getting your reputation or brand fixed please call 714-404-8025 or contact us.