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Darrel Chavez
Darrel Chavez

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  1. Dr. Fatemi
    Dr. Ali Fatemi

    Get local has been very good for our Bussiness. We are now on the first page of google and are getting more and more patients. Highly recommend working with Darrel.

    • Darrel Chavez
      Darrel Chavez

      Thank you for you support and I am excited to start working on your second office location.

  2. Brea Florist
    Brea Florist

    I have been working with Darrel a year now. He has been very helpful getting my website out there for more people to see. Darrel has also created links back to my main website. I am starting to see resultes. It does take time. But it is working. Thanks Darrel at Get local. Mary Jo at Brea Florist.

  3. Luis Zambrano
    Homerun Improvement

    We have been working with Darrel for about 6 month now. Its a slow process to start up, but it seems like its working. We’re starting to see more calls and closed a couple of jobs. We also have some pretty good estimates out there from the outcome of Darrel’s SEO process. Keep it coming and we’re with you till the end.

  4. Appliance Repair Pro Atlanta

    Hi Mr. Chavez. We could not be happier with your services. Keep up the good work.

  5. HVAC ALL Tec
    HVAC ALL Tec

    Darrel came to us highly recommended and was great to work with. I love our website and cant wait to get even more phone calls.

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