Water Damage Restoration Marketing By Get Local Marketing

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Created by : Darrel Chavez - Published on Jul 30, 2020

What every water damage restoration company should be doing right now!

Did you start typing on Google “water damage leads” and then you saw my company recommended by Google? If I’m am going to explain a game changing marketing technique that maybe 5% of marketing companies in the entire world know about! Hi my name is Darrel Chavez, owner of Get Local Marketing. If you found this page then you must be very curious if you can do the very same thing for your business. Or you might be wondering what this type of marketing¬† is called. What you experienced before you arrived here is known as Google Autocomplete or Google Auto Suggestion.

The new way to get water damage leads

Up until past 6 months there was no way to manipulate this. You had to be a well known branded company to be suggested by Google. Here is an example, if you type in “mens shirts” your going to see google suggesting big names like “walmart”, “khols”, “amazon” etc. Why does Google do this?

If many people keep typing the same thing consistently every day. Eventually google will recommend closely related popular searches of what other people have typed in. I have reversed engineered their algorithm and can now do this very same thing for local businesses. In this case I can do this for water damage locally!

Lets say your in Miami. And you are typing in “Water Damage Los Angeles” before you finish this search I can have one of my clients in Los Angeles to appear next to the search box. This is game changing, potential customers sees Google recommending your business. People trust this and always click on this. You can save thousands in Google Ads spend! (See example below, to protect my clients I can’t show a client example)

water damage marketing

Think about this average cost per click for keyword “water damage restoration” is easily $80-$100 per 1 click. I can have your business recommended 24 hours a day and you dont need to pay Google!

Not only save money but when people click on your business name from Google’s search box. it takes them to a page all about your business. All results on 1st page are you not your competitors since they clicked on your business name.

How to start your water damage leads?

In most cases you can start be recommended by Google in about 7-20 days! Please fill out my contact form or give me a call to go over pricing, how long it will take, what keywords for your business to show up for. You can call me at 714-404-8025


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