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9 Essential Local SEO Tips For Orange County Business Owners

by Darrel Chavez in Local SEO Marketing, News, Social Media

Transitioning your business into a successful Internet enterprise requires not only basic knowledge of local SEO, but also more advanced concepts as well. For starters, and at least a refresher, below is a list of basic SEO techniques with mention of more advanced SEO concepts designed to help create an upward push to the top of the SERPS (search engine results pages).

CONTENT – Yes, it is that important. Remember that great content that is original and interesting will trump any web page with fancy graphics, or slick sales text. Create compelling headlines that will draw your readers in and cause them to act. In your headline, state the problem with a definite timeline, and follow that with your solution to their problem. Do that, and your headline will grab your reader’s attention.

KEYWORDS – Effective keyword research is still important, regardless of the latest trends. The reason is simple. The average Internet searcher still uses keywords to find information. You want to be listed high in the SERPs so they find you! A good first step is to optimize your content for your keywords.

SOCIAL MEDIA – This is an absolutely exploding area. Building your online brand reputation is critical and starts with getting your name out there. Trust of your business is by far the most important aspect of building your brand. Build that trust by keeping your website content relevant, current, and interesting. Upload photos to help complete the message you want your reader to understand.

Each of the services below offer effective techniques to help you get your name, website, and message visible to the public in and around Orange County. Use them extensively for the most exposure! These are great ways to spread the word about your business and by letting them present your business in the best possible light.

GOOGLE PLACES FOR BUSINESS – One of the rising stars in this arena is Google Places Marketing for Businesses. Combine this with Google+ (Plus) and get your business involved in one of the communities.

BING PLACES FOR BUSINESS – Microsoft and Bing apply their special way of featuring your business.

YAHOO LOCAL – Get a free listing in their basic plan, or subscribe to their enhanced plan.

TWITTER – If you’re not using Twitter to help advertise your business and to help with your brand, you’re missing out on much needed exposure. Utilize Twitter, “follow” like-minded business professionals like yourself, and allow them to follow you.

TWITTER ANALYTICS – Twitter is an effective tool for SEO, if it’s used correctly. Understanding the effectiveness of Twitter is detailed within Twitter Analytics. Learn exactly what is working in your campaign, and what isn’t. Learn who is sharing your tweets. This is very powerful information that will help in your online marketing efforts.

EMAIL MARKETING – Offering your readers something of value for free, in return for signing up for your mailing list is a great way to quickly build your email list. Send your online newsletter to your growing list with links to your local listings. Additionally, keep them informed of upcoming events and specials by way of your newsletter. For those spur-of-the-moment specials, use Twitter to send your message.

This article, “Online Marketing Orange County” is intended to provide tips and techniques you can use immediately to help transition your business to the Internet. Use the tips every day and you will see upward movement of your website in the SERPS, as well as an increase in awareness of your business.

Google Local SEO

by Darrel Chavez in Google Local SEO, Google Places, Local SEO Marketing

Why is Google Local SEO Important For Your Business


Olney Dentist Benefits From Google Local SEO

by Darrel Chavez in Dental SEO, Dentist SEO Marketing, Google Local SEO

Get Local Welcomes Dr. Dan Eisenberg DDS

We are very happy to have been given the opportunity to work with another dentist in Montgomery County. Our Google Local SEO package includes a variety of seo techniques that help the client rank towards the top of Google’s local search results. Using Google Local SEO we are able to increase the rankings of your current or new Google places listing.

Google Local SEO Results For Local Dentist in Olney Maryland


google local seo for dentist

Get Local Welcomes Fatemi Family Dentistry

by Darrel Chavez in Dentist SEO Marketing, Google Maps, Local SEO Marketing, Mobile Marketing, News

Gaithersburg Dentist Decides To Do Away With Value Pak and Start Google Maps Marketing

We are very happy to be working with Dr. Fatemi. It’s always a great compliment and pleasure to be working with a client that was referred to us. It’s a constant reminder always deliver real results to keep our current and new clients happy. Dr. Fatemi is  a Gaithersburg dentist in Maryland specializing in cosmetic, family and sedation dentistry. Within just a couple months Dr. Fatemi has seen results and now we will begin marketing in Lexington Park, MD.

Local Internet Marketing VS Print Advertising

“When business slowed, I would talk to my other colleagues about their business and they would tell me their business has picked up dramatically. When I ask them what they are doing they say Google Maps Marketing,” said Dr. Fatemi.

When it comes to phone books and mailers like Val Pak, Dr. Fatemi was not seeing a big return on his investment. He knew he had to get his dental office on the internet and that’s when one of our other dentist referred us to him, the rest is history. If you are a dentist who would like to learn more about Google maps marketing or local seo please visit dentist seo marketing.

Yelp Marketing

by Darrel Chavez in Local SEO Marketing, Yelp Marketing

Yelp Marketing 101

Get Local’s newest addition to our local seo playbook now includes yelp marketing. Like it or not Yelp is here to stay. There has been a growing number of business owners who despise yelp and those who love it. If yelp is leveraged properly it can be one of the biggest sources to generate leads to your business. If you are among the many outraged business owners plagued with only negative yelp reviews on your business profile we hope this article will help you improve your yelp rankings and reputation. If you not so much a “do it yourself-er” contact Get Local to discuss your yelp marketing.

How to remove negative yelp reviews?

There is only one clear strategy when it comes to removing your negative yelp reviews. Unfortunately there is now way to remove a negative review but we can bury the bad review further down the list by supplying a steady flow of real and positive yelp reviews.

How Does Get Local help Get Positive Yelp Reviews?

While we can’t spill the beans on all our yelp marketing secrets, we can shed a little light on the subject. If your familiar with the yelp review filter and experienced it’s wrath you will notice not only your fake reviews are getting black listed even the positive reviews. The ugly truth is if your customer posts an great review about you but is not a regular or full time yelper your review will fall under spam. So how does Get Local get around this problem? Yes, we do have a private network of elite yelpers who just so happen to love your business and will love to share their positive experience to the yelp community. Along with our network we have a yelp marketing strategy to help you achieve a steady stream of real customers reviews that actually stick and will not be victim to the filtered reviews of Yelp.

Why you should not try and buy yelp reviews?

If you are a dentist, lawyer, plastic surgeon or any type of small business owner having positive reviews on yelp is key to growing your business.

How does yelp reviews work.