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How To Get A Bad Yelp Review Removed

by Darrel Chavez in News, Yelp Marketing

Bad Review Damaging Your Business or Reputation?

bad yelp review

Think you can get a negative yelp review removed think again and don’t bother asking them to remove your yelp listing because they wont. Maybe you want to join there extortion club and pay a monthly extortion fee to get positive reviews to start sticking. Even paying for yep reviews none of these tactics will work. You can’t remove a bad yelp review and you cant remove your listing but I do have a way to get your bad yelp removes out of plain sight.

I have had huge success getting my clients 1st page rankings, even the #1 spot for years. So I figured why not offer a new service and do the reverse? Why not offer a service where if you type in your business name on Google instead of the negative review being the first thing you see, how about that negative review appears back on page 2, 3 or 4?

If your business is hurting because the first thing anyone sees when searching for you is a negative review I can help. The key to making your bad review disappear is to drive it back to the 2nd, 3rd page or more pages back. This is done with creating micro review sites with high authority to out rank yelps profile. Instead of seeing your bad reputation or false review they see many different websites with nothing but glowing reviews and only you can control what reviews can be posted. To start getting your reputation or brand fixed please call 714-404-8025 or contact us.

Yelp Marketing

by Darrel Chavez in Local SEO Marketing, Yelp Marketing

Yelp Marketing 101

Get Local’s newest addition to our local seo playbook now includes yelp marketing. Like it or not Yelp is here to stay. There has been a growing number of business owners who despise yelp and those who love it. If yelp is leveraged properly it can be one of the biggest sources to generate leads to your business. If you are among the many outraged business owners plagued with only negative yelp reviews on your business profile we hope this article will help you improve your yelp rankings and reputation. If you not so much a “do it yourself-er” contact Get Local to discuss your yelp marketing.

How to remove negative yelp reviews?

There is only one clear strategy when it comes to removing your negative yelp reviews. Unfortunately there is now way to remove a negative review but we can bury the bad review further down the list by supplying a steady flow of real and positive yelp reviews.

How Does Get Local help Get Positive Yelp Reviews?

While we can’t spill the beans on all our yelp marketing secrets, we can shed a little light on the subject. If your familiar with the yelp review filter and experienced it’s wrath you will notice not only your fake reviews are getting black listed even the positive reviews. The ugly truth is if your customer posts an great review about you but is not a regular or full time yelper your review will fall under spam. So how does Get Local get around this problem? Yes, we do have a private network of elite yelpers who just so happen to love your business and will love to share their positive experience to the yelp community. Along with our network we have a yelp marketing strategy to help you achieve a steady stream of real customers reviews that actually stick and will not be victim to the filtered reviews of Yelp.

Why you should not try and buy yelp reviews?

If you are a dentist, lawyer, plastic surgeon or any type of small business owner having positive reviews on yelp is key to growing your business.

How does yelp reviews work.